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Dance workshop for people with and without physical challenges

Joseph Tebandeke & Corinne Eckenstein, Fotocredit: Rainer Berson
Joseph Tebandeke & Corinne Eckenstein, Fotocredit: Rainer Berson
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Sat, 27.01.24, 11:00h
Uferstudio 14
300 min.

“All Bodies on stage”

with the artists of the guest performance KINGX & QWEENS
Joseph Tebandeke, Dancer and Corinne Eckenstein, Choreographer

Joseph and Corinne’s workshop is not about the perfect body, but about the ways in which everyone can understand their own physicality and have fun. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of each body and its history. We combine this with storytelling and dance. In Africa, this connection is an important part of communication to convey emotions and share in communities.

The workshop offers a platform to understand how different bodies connect and behave through movement. Joseph, a dancer who moves with crutches, will lead the workshop and experiment with different crutches together with the participants and play with them in unusual ways.

With choreographer Corinne Eckenstein, who has worked with many different dancers and young people, the group will create small choreographies and playful moments by improvising with the resulting movements.
The aim of this workshop is to promote self-confidence and develop a sense of trust that frees us from the mind set on a perfect body.

The workshop is aimed at young people aged 14 and over.
No previous dance experience is required to take part.
Participation in our dance workshops is free of charge but only with prior registration by January 25th at:

Saturday 11:00 – 16:00
We offer water and a lunch buffet for all participants, for which we ask for a contribution of 5,-€. Please bring cash.


Joseph Tebandeke – Choreographer, Dancer
Born in 1993 in Kampala, Uganda. Due to a polio infection in his childhood, he lost the ability to walk. He learned to move on crutches and followed his dream to become a dancer. He has a training in inclusive dance teaching “Developing and confidence” (Candoco Dance Company) and a certificate in inclusive dance workshops for children with and without disabilities from Helen Burningham /Splash Dance Company (Kampala). He worked as a disabled dancer in different projects in Uganda, Mali and Rwanda. He is part of the “Splash Dance Company, Kampala” and “Dance Revolution East Africa”.

„My work is energetic and stretches beyond the limits of your mind and what you first perceive on disability, intuitively and with integrity creating art that is authentic in areas which are hard to speak about with words and inner conviction, I use my colonial body to create my own dictionary, language theorizing the black disabled body through physical practice for the surroundings.” Joseph Tebandeke

Corinne Eckenstein – director, choreographer, curator
Born 1963 in Basel. Staged and choreographed in Basel, Zurich, Berlin, Hanover and Vienna. In 1992, together with the writer and director Lilly Axster, she founded the queerfeminist group TheaterFOXFIRE, whose productions (46 in total) and world premieres have enjoyed great success with audiences and the press. In 2016, Eckenstein took over the artistic direction of Dschungel Wien. With her focus on arts education, diversity and transcultural projects, she addresses key requirements of an urban theater for young audiences. Her special talent lies in creating synergies with the most diverse people and artists. To enable as many children and young people as possible to access and participate in art and culture.
2021-2023 she founded and directed the SKIN Performance Festival for young adults on the topics of diversity, sex + gender, queerness + feminisms. In 2022, she was honoured with the Stella Special Award for Young Audiences for her many years of artistic and cultural commitment. In the same year, Eckenstein received one of the highest honours: The Cross of Honour of the Republic of Austria for Science and Art.