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Infos and reservations for all performances for school classes

Via e-mail:

Group prices for school classes
Depending on the venue:

6–8 € per ticket / 4–6 € reduced with JKS-Abrechnungsschein per ticket.Reductions apply only to holders of an ”Abrechnungsschein” of ”Theater der Schulen” / JugendKulturService.Please find more information here:Info: e-mail:
Phone: (030) 23 55 62–0

Tickets for families and evening performances

Depending on the venue:

Adults: 11–16 € per ticket / 8–10 € reduced tickets
Children and students (up to 18 years): 6–8 € Reduced tickets are available for elementary school students, students, volunteer service participants, federal volunteers, pensioners, welfare recipients, unemployment benefit recipients of Arbeitslosengeld-I/II, holders of a severely disabled passport, conscripts, trainees, as well as recipients of benefits according to the asylum seekers benefits act. Please present your credentials personally.

Social ticket: 3 €On demand. Only for holders of a Sozialkarte / Berlinpass.