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Fotocredit: Kamerich & Budwilowitz
Fotocredit: Kamerich & Budwilowitz


After the performance, the children have the opportunity to draw what they have experienced on paper. Duration ca. 30min.

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Maas theater en dans, NL, Website
Fri, 26.01.2024, 10:00h - Uferstudio 1
40 min.

What do a young child and a head of state have in common? Do presidents ever have temper tantrums in supermarkets? Or howl with rage until they get what they want?

This piece playfully envisages a clash between two global powers (a small child v. a head of state) and how they eventually learn to meet in the middle – politics among children and childish pranks among adults. “BullyBully” is a children’s musical à la West Side Story, with two performers in elaborate costumes, lots of songs, funny fighting, and, finally, a happy end. Power was never so childish. Children were never so powerful.

Devised and directed by: René Geerlings
Performance: Pamela Schaap, Wendy Briggeman
Composition: Reinier van Harten, Sergio Escoda
Costumes: Daphne Karstens, Alice Sprascio (assistant), Karmijn Lange (assistant)
Wigs: Cynthia van der Linden
Moustaches: Stan Roobol
Scenography: Sanne Danz
Bust construction: Jannelies Raaijmakers
Set: Stef Krull
Dramaturgy, assistant director: Sara Giampaolo
Dance consultants: Art Srisayam, Erik Bos
Coproduced by: Maas theater en dans & Atta Festival Istanbul

“A showdown of the highest standard”