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Workshop for Teens

Foto: Oulouy
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Sat, 21.01.23, 11:00h
Sun, 22.01.23, 11:00h
Uferstudio 1
300 min.
Urban Dance

With Oulouy

Ivorian-born Barcelona-based Oulouy is one of the key figures in the global landscape of urban dance. After presenting his solo BLACK in the festival, he also leads this weekend workshop for young people.
In these workshops Oulouy will take participants into a tour through the most vibrant cities in the African continent, from Abidjan to Lagos, or Accra, to visit the key styles in urban dance such as coupé-décalé, domboló, azonto and the afro-house, in a format marked by the joy of dance shared in community. Come and enjoy with Oulouy while discovering the latest steps from the African continent!

The workshop is free of charge. We offer water and a buffet lunch for all participants on both days, for which we ask for a contribution of 10,-€. Please bring it cash with you.

Saturday: 11:00 – 16:00
Sunday: 11:00 – 16:30

No dance background is required, only the desire to dance and the fun in doing it!
Registration is required for both days, under: