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Über Überüberübermorgen – a science fiction time journey

Foto: Dieter Hartwig
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Cécile Bally & Cathy Walsh, DE, Website
Sun, 15.01.2023, 16:00h - Theater o.N.
45 min.

“Über Überüberübermorgen” is a journey through time with lots of magic, full of gaudy costumes, exuberant stage design and funny creatures that are half human / half animal.

The future is just around the corner! But what will it look like? Will there be more nature in the cities? More conversations between humans and animals? Together with the dancers Cécile and Cathy, the audience travels to past and future universes and meets the drum-playing Tintelefant.

In the process, they explore what happens when you change the order of things, turn the order of days, weeks and years? Together with the audience, they reflect on our relationship to time and talk about the science fiction world of Solarpunk from South America.

Together with the Tintelefant, let’s turn our hopes for the future into reality!

Choreography: Cécile Bally & Cathy Walsh
Performance: Cathy Walsh & Leah Katz
Music/Sound: Steve Heather
Technical Director/Light design: Claire Terrien
Set design: Yoav Admoni, Oded Yones (Assistent)
Costume design: Lea Kieffer, Sopie Vautour aka Meroe (Assistent)
Artistic collaboration: Asaf Aharonson
PR/Production: Frauke Niemann

A production by Cécile Bally & Cathy Walsh in co-production with FELD Theater and cooperation with Theater o.N. Berlin. The production is made possible by the residency funding Tanz 2020/2021 of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and by a development and research grant from Graffiti Theatre Cork.
Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin.

The performances take place in cooperation with Theater o.N. statt