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Soon Swoon

Soon Swoon
Soon Swoon. Foto: Martin Skoog
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Claire Parsons Co., Stockholm/SE, Website
Wed, 22.01.2020, 10:00h - Jugendtheaterwerkstatt Spandau
50 min.

In a blue room with a shiny black floor and Greek columns, we meet two people. Or – maybe are they three? They join forces and travel in parallel realities and experience overwhelming feelings.

The work of the Swedish artist Claire Parsons plays with the title ‘Swoon’. Here ‘Swoon’ becomes an actor who reflects itself, poses or invents new ones. Or ‘Swoon’ becomes an encounter with a fantastically different world. With great emotions, singing and dancing, a performance full of wit and joy is created. For an audience of 10 years and older.

Choreography and staging Claire Parsons Performers  Mira Björkman, Lucas Carlsson, Viktor Gyllenberg Scenography Anna Nyberg Costume and Mask design Bitte Palm Mask Angelica Ekeberg Light Christian Farcher Music and music arrangements Mikael Svanevik Producer Lina Dahlgren Photography Martin Skoog

Claire Parsons Co is supported by The Swedish Arts Council, The City of Stockholm Cultural Council, The Region of Stockholm, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee with special project support from the Region of Stockholm.
Guest performance supported by The Swedish Arts Council.




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