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In the Future I’m a Comet (Premiere)

Foto: Manuel Paul
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Theater Strahl, DE, Website
Wed, 18.01.2023, 18:00h - Theater Strahl Ostkreuz

Three prophecies about everything or nothing: In the Future I’m a Comet tells the story of three people who live in a future in which technology has developed a life of its own. They are explorers and travellers looking for a connection with the networks and landscapes that surround them. The play starts with today’s digitalised world, and then playfully and poetically takes off into a future where nature, body and technologies merge. Based on future studies carried out with schools, Israel-born artist Yotam Peled has developed a choreography that looks to combine dance and digital technologies. Acrobatic movement forms, inspired by martial arts and contemporary circus, meet automated technology that responds to its environment. What kinds of connections between humans and machines emerge from this? Who influences whom? Who changes what?

Choreography: Yotam Peled
Music: Tillie Bedeau
Video / stage: Camille Lacadee
Costume / stage: Alexis Mersmann
Dancers: Jana Heilmann, Wibke Storkan, Kaveh Ghaemi

The performances take place in cooperation with Theater Strahl am Ostkreuz

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste