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+ERBA. A forest in the city

Fotocredit: TPO


To prepare the content for the performance, we offer the class teachers ideas and activities that they can do with the students in advance.

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Compagnia TPO, IT, Website
Fri, 20.01.2023, 10:00h - Uferstudio 14
50 min.

+Erba is an interactive show with two dancers who create a imaginary city together with children. The “architect” dancer observes the landscape and draws the city with houses and streets. The other dancer loves the earth, the insects and draws grass and trees.

Through their movements, the two bring to life on two large canvases their ideas and designs for a green, beautiful and clean city where everyone can be happy. Interactive and visually powerful projections show an imagined city full of color and light, combining both urban and nature-connected ideas.

The children come to color and populate the city. Insects appear, the seasons change and the city gets bigger, busier and more complex. Animals appear, the seasons change; and a factory comes along, driving away insects, birds and people and making the green disappear.

Together with the children, the dancers design a new space where nature can grow again.

Artistic direction: Davide Venturini
Běla Dobiášová, Valentina Consoli
Engineering: Rossano Monti
Visual design: Elsa Mersi
Music and engineering: Federica Camiciola, Francesco Fanciullacci, Matteo Caramell
Props: Livia Cortesi
Collaboration on the concept and pedagogical support: Sandra Goos
Organization: Valentina Martini, Chiara Saponari

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands