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Fotocredit: Öncü Gultekin
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Regina Rossi, DE, Website
Thu, 19.01.2023, 18:30h - TANZKOMPLIZEN im Podewil
90 min.

DANCE MACHINES is a multimedia performance, in which the analogue and virtual worlds exchange and collaborate. Using tools such as VR glasses and headphones, participants as young as 11 can experience what the dance lessons of the future might look like. Two professional dancers‘ galactic and utopian avatars interact with one half of the audience in the virtual world, while live performers invite the other half into a choreographic-auditory realm of observation.
In this experiment, situated somewhere between an immersive dance experience and choreography, new ways of thinking about dance are presented: seeing dance is simultaneously learning, experiencing and feeling dance. While virtual reality experiences typically enable individual experiences, DANCE MACHINES creates a collaborative multimedia movement experience that allows us to consider how empowering experiences in the present can enrich our vision of the future.

Concept, artistic direction, choreography: Regina Rossi
Programming, interface design: Gloria Schulz
Dance, performance avatars: Nora Elberfeld, Sarah Lasaki
Music, Soundscape: Sven Kacirek
Set design: Doris Margarete Schmidt
Dramaturgy: Kirsten Bremehr
Dramaturgical advice: Christopher Weymann
Mediation formats: Angela Kecinski, Pauline Schönfelder
Collaborative programming: Jeffrey van der Geest
Press and public relations: Stückliesel
Production management: Isabelle Wapnitz
Video documentation: Inshore Films
Photo documentation: Öncü Gultekin

A production of Regina Rossi Tanzproduktionen in cooperation with K3 | Tanzplan Hamburg.

Supported by Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.

The performances take place in cooperation with TANZKOMPLIZEN.