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BLACK + dance party

Fotocredit: Hop Festival Barcelona
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Oulouy, ES, Website
Fri, 20.01.2023, 19:00h - Uferstudio 1
30 min.

“BLACK” physically reflects the violence and emancipation of being black in today’s world. A body that narrates, challenges and disturbs, that is both wounded and celebrated. In his choreography, dancer Oulouy embodies this struggle for recognition, equality and respect of Black people, referring to episodes in recent history such as the #blacklivesmatter movement or the murder of George Floyd. It is a dance chronicle of the freedom movement and plays cleverly, skilfully and passionately with a choreographic repertoire inspired by the main urban styles of the African continent and the USA, such as Coupé-Décalé, Azont, Ndomboló, Afrohouse and Krump.

Direction, choreography and performance: Oulouy
Distribution and production: africa moment

The ticket for BLACK is also valid for the dance party after the show, in Studio 14 from 20-23h – including 1 free drink.
Special: 2 Friends (pupils and students) pay only 10.-€ for 2x Black, 2x dance party and 2 free drinks.