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AutoPlay Foto: Miriam Tamayo
Foto: Miriam Tamayo
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Canan Erek und Jochen Roller – PURPLE, D, Website
Mon, 30.05.2022, 11:30h - Heizhaus
40 min.

A dance performance without dancers, where the audience takes the active role. Before it begins, everyone is given headphones – and steps onstage. Each participant is greeted by a voice that says: ‘Are you ready? Shall we start? Let’s play!’ A spirited collaboration is set in motion, a choreographic collective negotiating proximity and distance. “AutoPlay'”is perhaps the sole pleasurable experience to be born of the pandemic – for without the constraints imposed by the hygiene regulations, this dance performance would never have come into being. Our conclusion: you are far and away the best dancers!

Concept und Script: Canan Erek, Jochen Roller
Sound Design: Brendan Dougherty
Speaker: Martin Clausen

Eine Produktion von PURPLE-Internationales Tanzfestival für junges Publikum